Physical distribution has become a key business strategy for all industries. Over its long history of growth in distribution services, Toyo Logistics has consistently introduced the most superior storage and loading facilities and transportation equipment. Toyo Logistics has realized a comprehensive distribution system through the utilization of the human resources, information processing abilities, and networks it has established over the years and further developed operations in fields including distribution processing, trunk rooms, and estate business.

・Network of Overseas Bases
・International Multi-Modal Transport
・Air Freight Forwarding

・Cargo Operations
・Customs Clearance/Customs Brokerage

・Full Warehousing Service
・Storage Management
・Value Added Services in Distribution Processing

・Direct Delivery System Covering
the Entire Chubu Region
・Shared Distribution
・Cross-Docking Distribution

・Heart to Heart
・Temperature and Humidity Control
・Items Stored

・Design, Construction, and Management
・Local Development Projects