Toyo Logistics distribution services takes the products that our customers entrust to us and deliver them to every region throughout Japan in a spirit of sincerity and warmth.
With location across ten prefectures in the Chubu region, we have implemented a safe and stable distribution system that allows us to plan the optimal routing in each area for any load, from mixed small-lot cargo to fully consigned shipments, and deliver the shipment directly to the recipient without the need for any transfers.
Manufacturers and wholesalers in the same industries warehouse their products with Toyo Logistics, and products are delivered to wholesale merchants, retail stores, and other outlet when an order is generated. While this naturally results in reduced cost and labor in handling, it also fits in with Toyo Logistics clean logistics aims.
In this arrangement, Toyo Logistics goes to the manufacturer's factory or other location to collect the amount of product to be shipped the day after the request is made, and then hold the shipment in our warehouses. This allows the customer to keep direct tabs on their product and have it reach wholesale merchants, retail stores, and other outlets, all without the need to stock the product it at their own location.
In keeping with today's direct marketing sales and E-business trends, we also provide extensive delivery services for shipments made to individuals.
We transport our customers' treasured belongings not just throughout Japan, but overseas as well.