Our bases in Aichi and Shizuoka Prefectures allow us to provide comprehensive distribution services for the Chubu region, with our dependable system providing valuable support to all kinds of industries.
We handle all cargo with the utmost care, constantly maintaining goods in the optimum condition.
Allows perfect control of cargo, even multiple-type/small-lot shipments, using bar code controls (TOWNS Transit Warehouse).
Allows efficient storage and dispatch of multiple customer's products for low-cost operations (TOWNS Transit Warehouse).
Toyo Logistics utilizes its store of knowledge to provide seamless support for the customer, from center design to administration.
Introduction of our wireless LAN system (TOWNS) has realized even more accuracy in management and operations.
The Toyo Group utilizes the capabilities of its Digital Picking System (DPS) to ensure that products delivered to supermarkets and convenience stores arrive "when needed and in the quantities needed."
The TOWNS wireless LAN system was developed through a concentrated effort to combine information systems technology with Toyo Logistics's distribution expertise.
Data concerning processing and instructions for incoming and outgoing shipments and other operations in the warehouse are exchanged between computers in the office and the terminals on each lift, providing more accurate, real-time operational performance.
While we naturally can provide services such as product inspection, metering, and set-packing, our capabilities also extend to shrink-wrapping, pillow wrapping, blister wrapping, and other value-added services that are a cut above the rest.