As one of the most prominent harbor transport firms operating at the Port of Nagoya, we comprise complete line of operations, including a shipping agency, disposal of exported and imported cargo, marine container transportation, and customs brokerage. We also carefully coordinate the storage, distribution, and packing of merchandise of multiple-type/small-lot shipments.
Our import services provide highly responsive and flexible distribution plans based on a consideration of requirements as seen from the client's standpoint, covering all aspects of the journey from the point of departure overseas to the specified purchaser in Japan. Incorporating detailed management of information concerning forwarding, unloading, and storage status, we offer high-quality distribution services at reasonable cost to meet all kinds of distribution needs, from high-volume loads to multiple-type/small-lot shipments.
From Nagoya Port to locations the world over. All aspects of our export services, from forwarding, packing, storage, loading, factory vanning, and generation of documents undertaken on behalf of the client, to final delivery to the customer overseas have attained ISO 9001 certification. Our certified, reliable system ensures safety, assurance, and speed.
In our role as a link connecting shipping companies and consignors, we have established a continuous, integrated system whereby all harbor and related cargo operations are performed by highly experienced personnel for highly efficient and reliable service.
Our position as a leading customs agent in central Japan, the Tokai region allows us to provide rapid, assured customs services.
With online links to customs authorities and other agencies as well as shipping companies, we can report on the progress of applications related to import and export procedures rapidly and surely